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Mostly Human 2 by D.I. Jolly

  Fiction, Fantasy.                                                                                                Available as Print and E-book

  Top twenty author D.I.Jolly presents Mostly Human 2.  


  Following directly on from the events of book 1, Mostly Human 2 dives deep into what it means to live with secrets, and how they affect the people around you.  


  After murdering his nephew’s kidnappers, Alex goes into hiding at a wolf sanctuary in rural Norway. There he plans to begin investigating his animal nature in an attempt to find out more about where it comes from and what it really means for his future.


What he finds instead is acceptance, friendship and maybe even love.    


But life isn’t done with him just yet. Plagued with nightmares of a mysterious castle, he finds that some questions from his past are coming back to....Bite him!    


Drama ensues and Alex will have to face up to who he is as both a Man and Werewolf.


  " This is an incredibly well written sequel that leaves no wishes unfulfilled after having read and enjoyed mostly human 1. Very well written it takes you immediately back into Alex’s complicated life between 2 worlds - the human and the non-human. While being an exciting novel to read with a humorous style mostly human 2 also touches on important questions of our time as we live in an age of unprecedented human destruction - What would it mean if we would not want to be / remain human at all cost?"

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