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A Guy, a Girl and a Voodoo Monkey Hand C

A Guy A Girl and A Voodoo Monkey Hand by D.I. Jolly

  Fiction, Thriller, Detective, Science Fiction.                                        Available as E-book. Paperback & Hardback

   A quirky tongue-in-cheek story about a detective with a difference, and it's not his caffeine addiction or his strange collection of friends. 


  Through the course of three cases, Jones P.I. starts to discover that maybe he doesn't know everything about life, love and everything. Syn Island a man-made island created as a maximum security prison when left for a few generations becomes one of the world's strongest economies, exporting brain power and work ethic. Now, it's a city like any other filled with jazz, crime mobsters and dark alleyways, and it lends itself to a few night-time adventures. 


  Like all good detective stories, this one starts with a woman in a red dress, and as we follow our hero through a strange maze of misunderstandings, mistresses and bars we start to learn that a little bit of crazy is what will keep you sane on the streets of Syn Island. 


  And then of course there's....  Jeff!

  "I took this book on holiday with me and ended up reading it twice. It's well paced, the characters are very real and the story just sucks you in. The guy at customs actually had to tell me off for reading while my passport was being checked! Don't want to give away any spoilers but this one is well worth the read!"

  "It's the perfect holiday read or just if you need a break away from reality for a bit, far, far away from reality. The misadventures of Jones P.I will keep you entertained and laughing for a good few hours."

  "I came across this book by accident. I like reading books from new authors I haven't heard of so I decided to give it a try and didn't regret it. It was my kind of humour, the story didn't bore me for a second and I could recognise a fair bit of me in one of the main characters. Hence I found it really easy to read. I was done with it after just one weekend. So if you also have a bit of humour and are sometimes tired of reading only bestsellers with too much marketing budget, don't hesitate to buy!"

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