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Berlin Poetry Club by D.I. Jolly

  Fiction,  Horror, Short Stories. 18+

   D.I. Jolly takes you deep into dark complex kaleidoscopic worlds inhabited by characters that reflect the darker and lighter sides of the human condition and its psyche.


   Presented in bite sized vignettes this collection of short stories sends its protagonists on a physical, emotional and psychological journey.


  This book is true horror containing graphic and adult themes and is not suitable for readers of a sensitive nature.

  "Many of those stories have been collected in Berlin Poetry Club: Volume 1, and there's nary a hiccup among them. Jolly is a quick-witted scribe with an even quicker pen, and it humbles one to realize that these pieces were written in short bursts of inspiration on coffee breaks and commutes on the very day they were shared at Poetry Club."

A Guy, a Girl and a Voodoo Monkey Hand C
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