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Mostly Human by D.I. Jolly

  Fiction, Fantasy.                                                                                                Available as Print and E-book

  What kind of life can you hope to live when being a world famous rock star is the most normal thing about you?

  Alex Harris, lead singer of the band The Waterdogs, harbours a dark secret that he and his family have painstakingly kept for fifteen years.

  While playing in the woods on his grandparent’s farm, ten-year-old Alex stumbles across the body of a giant wolf. Believing the animal dead, he approaches the beast and quickly realises it isn’t as dead as he thought, nor is it an ordinary wolf.

  Mostly Human is the coming of age story of Alex growing up with his parents and his older sister Annabel, whilst coming to grips with his strange condition. Follow them in this journey of twists and turns through tragedies, heartbreak, intrigue, and into the clutches of organised crime.

  "I was met with great writing fantastic characters and a plot that was compelling and entertaining. This isn’t a squeaky-clean book; the author doesn’t shy away from the gritty details of reality that are often airbrushed out of this type of fiction. The mixture of sci-fi and supernatural elements blended with the contemporary setting is well executed.  The plot is well paced and always leaves you wanting to read more. That ending; that’s it. That ending."

  "This is one of my favourite books. I've never thought I would enjoy a sci-fi book. The Mostly Human is suspenseful and amazing story about Alex and his life. I'm looking forward for more :)"

  "The end of the book ended with a cliffhanger and it made me scream. If you have followed my blog for any time, you know that I don’t care for cliffhangers. While I see their purpose, they annoy the ever-living out of me. Saying that this cliffhanger does make me want to read book 2 when it comes out. I need to find out what happens to Alex!!"

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